Wheelie Bins
The Wheelie bins, which Ace Of Waste supplies to its clients, have proven to be ideal for the storage and handling of general waste.

The bins are designed for refuse, recyclables, and yard waste. It provides an all-in one collection system, mingling recyclables and paper products or refuse and recyclables, this can all easily be accommodated by the bins. These bins eliminate the need for costly waste bags, minimize odour, and reduce moisture, thus volume and weight!

Vehicle Solution
Ace Of Waste has chosen the Kia 2700 as its primary service vehicle.

These dynamic small trucks eliminate all the problems out of Waste removal ensuring a speedy collection and guaranteeing no damage to any structures. The problem in the past with large waste trucks has been the sheer size and weight of them. Their large turning circle and length causes problems in Waste Removal Areas not designed to cope with such dimensions.

Ace Of Waste has found the solution!

  • Our trucks might seem smaller but their compact proportions allow a smaller turning circle and more manoeuvrability in complexes and Business Parks.
  • Our trucks are lightweight thus avoiding damage to paving and driveways.
  • They are less noisy and cause less pollution than their bigger counterparts.
  • They are also fully enclosed so no odours or waste can be smelled or seen when in transit.

Landfills are areas of land that have specifically been selected for the disposal of waste. Very strict legislation is in place governing the position, construction and management of these sites. These sites are constantly monitored for potential problems often associated with landfills

  • Pollution of soil and ground water
  • Landfill gas generated as the waste decomposes
  • Large fly and rodent populations

The extensive recycling carried out by Ace Of Waste significantly reduces the pressure on landfill sites.

Safe Disposal
Safe Disposal is the term given to the process of disposing of potentially hazardous material usual way. These materials can include acids, various oils, fluorescent tubing, paint These non compactable substances are generally disposed off in sealed containers with welded lids. The containers vary according to the substances being transported. Depending on the client's specifications and needs there are various ways of doing Safe Disposals. Clients are welcome to at any time to be present at the disposal in order to give them peace of mind that the correct Disposal methods are being followed. A qualified member of staff oversees all Safe Disposals and Safe Disposal Certificates are issued on completion of all safe Disposals.

Crush and Bury
This method is often used in the disposal of foodstuffs that have reached their expiry date. To prevent these potentially harmful goods from being scavenged they are safely disposed of in the following way;

Goods are placed into the trucks with no drums necessary. It is then transported to a licensed landfill site where a deep trench has been dug. The goods are emptied into this trench; a 35-ton Landfill compactor then goes over the goods - Crushing and burying them.

All Goods to be disposed of are placed in boxes, which are securely sealed and marked. The goods are then transported to an incinerator for destruction. A certificate is issued on completion.

The recovery and recycling of used glass containers has always been of critical importance to Consol Glass. Over the past years it has invested a great deal of finance and staffing in ensuring that glass recycling moves forward from strength to strength. About 60 000 tons of tin-bearing scrap per year are recovered from steel and can manufacturers and can fillers. Once the tin has been stripped from the steel, more than 36 000 tons of high-grade steel is recovered for re-melting per year.

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